Care Park

The Care Park Group set out 20 years ago with an office in Melbourne, Australia, which has now grown into a large international company. By employing nearly 600 people, we have paved the way for strong technological and human corporate development that has allowed Care Park to provide a more complex service than parking alone. With the help of our modern systems and innovative methods, we are now at the forefront of the world of parking and real estate operations.

We are an internationally leading group of companies and one of the largest car park operators, our portfolio includes more than 450 car parks in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, England and Hungary. Due to the Hungarian roots of some of our owners, our main goal is to develop a leading Central European region, headquartered in Budapest.

Care Park is based on three pillars

The right mix of these puts us at the forefront of the world. Our main strength is that we analyze and examine each of our projects separately and then place them in a system that is able to adapt to local conditions. The parking business has a lot of new and different challenges, so innovation is a key issue for us. We are the market leader in the application of modern technical systems, as we work with the most advanced technology and excellent professionals available in parking. One of our employees strives to be the best in their field, for which our company provides an excellent background with continuous training opportunities.

The basis of our culture is to provide a personalized operation service with a full assessment of the appropriate needs as follows:

    A high level of professional management and operation of the parking garage with a focus on the interests of customers as well as owners.

    Regular review of the terms of cooperation by examining the constantly evolving needs and opportunities, with the possibility of a reasonable redesign of the operational structure.

    Prepare a financial, business plan, and regular reports that provide clear guidance and results for optimizing project processes and financial growth.


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